Core Values and Strategies




Impact Church Reynoldsburg
Non denominational, Christian church serving the areas of Reynoldsburg, Pickerington, Gahanna, and the surrounding Columbus areas


Welcome to Impact Church Reynoldsburg!

-SEARCH for the Lost
-DEVELOP Disciples
​-SERVE with Love


Core Values and Strategy of Impact Church Reynoldsburg

1 - Evangelism (Sharing our Faith)

God's heart is to have a relationship with everyone on this earth. Because of that, we are passionate about sharing the good news of Jesus and reaching out to those who are not yet believers.  We will do anything short of sin to reach those who are far from God. John 3:16; Luke 19:10


Evangelism Initiatives:

Members host cookouts/parties in their neighborhoods, Community events, doing studies for salvation (and training others to lead these studies), teaching members in testimony sharing tools and gospel-sharing tools


2 - Equipping

We want to give our people all of the equipment they need to be like Jesus and do what Jesus did. Our goal is to train believers how to do things for themselves as Christians, such as praying, studying the Bible, etc. EPHESIANS 4:12

Equipping Initiatives:

Discipleship Classes (teaches people how to read the Bible for themselves how to have daily devotional time with God, etc.), Financial Peace University, Marriage Enrichment programs, Life Groups teach people how to do basic Bible study and prayer.


3 - Leadership Development

Following Jesus’ model, we are committed to a culture of developing new leaders within the church. Rather than always choosing the “best person” to do a task, we will sometimes give less experienced people the opportunity to develop their skills. 2 TIM. 2:2


Leadership Development Initiatives:

Staff study Leadership books together, Offer classes/host conferences for the community, Leadership Retreats (elders/deacons/ministry leaders), Youth Sundays give teens opportunity to lead services


4 – BE the Church (Serve the Community)

Rather than a mindset of “go to church,” we want our people to BE the church. As we live like Jesus, we will see people concerned about the needs of their fellow Christians as well as the needs of the community around them, and we take action accordingly. james 2:14-17; matt. 25:35

Our goal is to truly impact the communities of Reynoldsburg, Pickerington, and the surrounding Columbus areas.


Serving Initiatives:

Food Pantry serving, Big Serve Days (4 times/year), Teach members how to find people in need and serve others as a family

Currently, we have partnered with a local Food Pantry and are helping serve there until we can get our own Food Pantry going.


All of these Core Values equal IMPACT. When you do all of these things well, you WILL make an IMPACT on the community and CHANGE THE WORLD!

If you want to be a part of a church that is trying to make a difference in the world, COME JOIN US!

One person asked, "If your church disappeared from the community, would they even notice?"

Our goal is for the answer to be a resounding YES!

We want to be such an integral part of the community that they would miss us greatly.


The Christian Life is about more than just attending a 1-hour worship service.

The Christian Life is about being a DISCIPLE of Jesus - an APPRENTICE.

An apprentice learns to do what their teacher does.

An electrician's apprentice (or deck builder's apprentice, HVAC, etc.) goes along with their mentor, observing what they do.

The mentor slowly gives over more and more of the job to the apprentice, and eventually, the apprentice knows how to do everything on his own.


As Christians, we are learning to be like Jesus.

We learn to BE LIKE HIM IN HIS CHARACTER, and we learn to DO WHAT JESUS DID while He was on the earth.

What did Jesus do while He was on earth?

​Jesus spent His time doing 3 things according to Matthew 9:35-38.

1 - Evangelism - sharing the good news about the kingdom of God with those who were far from God

2 - Edification - teaching/training and building up those who were already followers of God

3 - Benevolence - helping those in need


Matt. 9:35 "Jesus went through all the towns and villages, teaching in their synagogues (EDIFICATION), proclaiming the good news of the kingdom (EVANGELISM) and healing every disease and sickness. (BENEVOLENCE) 36 When he saw the crowds, he had compassion on them, because they were harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd. 37 Then he said to his disciples, “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. 38 Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.”

As disciples/apprentices of Jesus, we are learning how to do those 3 things as well.


Our church leadership takes the responsibility of training people to do these 3 things seriously.

If you don't feel confident in these areas, don't worry - we bring people along - starting with where they are.

We are patient with people until they start getting it.

We have seen some amazing results as we teach people how to do things and they start putting those things in action!


Our Goal: to make disciples who make disciples and churches that plant churches!


nondenominational church Reynoldsburg, OH

Celebration-Style Worship Service

Leave your stressful week behind and let upbeat songs of joy encourage you and slower songs take you into the presence of God 

nondenominational church Pickerington, OH

Bible-teaching that is engaging

Forget about the days when sermons were long, boring, and didn't apply to your life.  Step into messages that apply to your life and you can take action on this week!


nondenominational church Gahanna Ohio

Kids programs combine fun and learning

We want your kids to be excited they are learning about Jesus!



At Impact, we work really hard to provide:
Worship services that are engaging,
Life Groups that are connecting and helpful,
Discipleship Groups that grow you deeper help you develop good habits and get rid of bad ones,
Kids Programs that combine fun and learning, and
Serving Events that are fulfilling.