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D Groups

Most people have never been through any kind of formal training when it comes to their Christian walk with God.

Many of us were told we needed to be saved, we needed to be baptized, and then we were left to fend for ourselves.

As a result, we don't grow spiritually, and people either fall away from the faith or just stay at the same level spiritually.


What are D Groups?

Life Groups vs. D Groups

Life Groups are mixed company - men and women, Christians or seekers.

D Groups are only for those who have made the decision to follow Jesus, men with men, women with women, and maxed out at 5 people (3 to 5 people is the format).

One of the main ways Jesus discipled (trained) people was in groups.

Think about this: Jesus was the greatest orator (speaker) to ever walk the earth. And yet, we only find a handful of times where Jesus spoke to large crowds (The Sermon on the Mount, Feeding the 5,000, Feeding the 4,000, and a couple of times in the book of John).

One person added up the amount of time Jesus spent with different levels of people, and he concluded that Jesus spent 90% of His time training the 12 disciples.

The greatest orator that ever walked the earth could have spent all of His time speaking to large crowds, and yet, He spent the majority of His time pouring into 12 people.

We should follow Jesus' example and do the same.

However, the majority of churches have completely lost this concept of "discipleship."


D Groups are a great way to 1) develop good habits and 2) get rid of bad habits.

Most Christians struggle to get into the good habit of daily time with God in the Bible and prayer.

A lot of people struggle with a persistent sin or habit that they would like to get rid of, but they don't have the way to do this.

Accountability is the key to both!


In the early 1960's, a lady named Jean Nidetch stumbled upon a solution to her problem of losing weight and keeping it off.

She had tried many weight loss plans, and she would lose weight, but she couldn't keep it off.

She had gone to an informational conference, and when she got back, she asked her friends if they would get together with her so she could share what she learned. She then asked the group if they could meet weekly and hold each other accountable.

This would lead to the invention of "Weight Watchers," a group that has helped many lose weight.

What made the difference for Jean Nidetch? Weekly accountability.


In the same way, people that participate in D Groups are able to be successful in doing Bible study because they know they are going to be asked weekly what they learned in their Bible study.


Our current form of D Groups were developed by a man named Robby Gallaty, who has pastored several churches and implemented these D Groups.

In every church, including the large church he pastors near Nashville, TN, D Groups have proven to be a great way to raise up healthy disciples of Jesus.


Continue scrolling down to see the results of a remarkable study.

Lifeway Research made some stunning conclusions that show which spiritual disciplines have the biggest impact on spiritual health.


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​Lifeway Research by Eric Geiger The Largest discipleship study ever done.

10 years' worth of research.



Found out 4 things


Those who are maturing desire to mature. They engage in discipleship opportunities and seek Christ in their daily lives.



Reading the Bible is the # 1 predictor for spiritual growth. Quite simply, those who read the Scripture grow.



Some spiritual disciplines do not impact all the others. As an example, someone who serves may not be generous in giving. But engagement in the Word impacts every other discipline. Someone who lets the Word dwell in them simultaneously gives, serves, confesses sin, shares the gospel, etc.



Those who are in some type of group (Sunday School, small group, etc.) are much more likely to display markers of spiritual growth than those not in a group.

Yes, you can learn and grow in the larger gathering, but when you get in a smaller gathering, the growth is exponential.

Those in a small group pray more fervently, give more generously, serve more sacrificially, and share the gospel more regularly than those not in a group. Groups matter. A lot. (That's why we have Life Groups at our church!)



Disciples share the gospel. Those who are growing in Christ tell others about Him. Those who are not growing in their faith are much less likely to articulate the gospel.