Marriage Class

Hey guys,

I don't know about you, but my marriage could always use some improvement.

Whether it's friction and arguments, communication problems, differences of opinion on finances, differences in parenting strategies or how the house should be run, you name it...

We could always use some improvement.


Stan and Christy Kirtlan - the ones who did the 1-day marriage workshop -

have a 6-week marriage class that they put together and they co-teach.

Stan and Christy have been doing ministry and helping people have better marriages for decades.

They highly recommend this class for couples no matter how long you've been married

5 months, 5 years, or 50 years - every marriage can always use a "tune up."


The only day of the week the Kirtlans can do this is Sunday.

I know a lot of us have plans of how we would like to spend our Sundays...

Surely we can rearrange our Sundays for one of the most important things in our lives - our marriage.

Marriage affects everything else.

If you don't have a good marriage, then nothing else is going to be good.

Let's make this a priority and make this happen.

- Can you ask off work?

- Can you do the tasks you normally do on Sundays and do them on Saturday instead?

- It's only 6 weeks that you would need to rearrange your schedule.


Every church I have ever been in has had marriages that struggle.

I am sure this church is no different.

Please let's make this happen.


We would like to start September 27 - giving people time to ask off work or rearrange whatever.

6-7:15 pm, child care will be provided.

At Jeremy and Andrea's house.


Maximum of 8 couples, first ones to sign up get the slots.


Don't miss this amazing opportunity.


Only $10 per couple.


To sign up for this, send an email to,
or call or text Jeremy at 901-288-6120