Will you come to church with me this Sunday?

This Sunday @ 11:30 am

First time at Impact Church?


Don't want to go alone?

Or maybe you've been a few times but you'd like to meet Pastor Jeremy and Andrea, take a tour of the building, and meet some new people?


Plan Your Visit now and we will:


 reserve a parking spot for you


 meet you at the front door


  introduce you to some great people


  help you get your kids checked in


  give you a tour of the church


  save you a seat in service


  make sure you meet Pastor Jeremy



Plan Your Visit now and we will treat you like family from the moment you step foot on campus...

- Pastor John


Sunday at 11:30 am


142 Rolen Rd.
Reynoldsburg, OH 43068

Find Your People

Discover Your Purpose

Plan Your Visit

   Trying to find your purpose?


   Looking for something different?


   Need a new tribe?

- Pastor John

No Awkward First Visit

Here's What Happens When
You Plan Your Visit...

Here's the deal...

We do thing's a little differently around here...

We know it can be a little weird or even awkward visiting a church for the first time.


That's why we created Plan Your Visit.



When you sign up for Plan Your Visit we will:


  reserve a parking spot for you


  meet you at the front door


  introduce you to some great people


  help you get your kids checked in


  give you a tour of the church


  save you a seat in service


  make sure you meet Pastor Jeremy



We want to make sure your first visit is as smooth and easy as possible., and actually take time to get to know you and your family.


Just click on the button below and Plan Your Visit for this Sunday!

   Wear whatever you want


   Drink coffee in the sanctuary


   Meet some great people


   Listen to a relevant sermon from Pastor Jeremy

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We don't judge.

We don't care if you have tattoos


We don't care how you dress


We don't care if you have a past

We just want to meet you :)

Pastor Jeremy and Andrea

Hi, my name is Jeremy.


I believe that you are uniquely wired by God for a specific purpose, and that unless you figure out what that purpose is, you'll never be truly fulfilled.


No one else on earth can fulfill the unique calling that God has for you.


No one else can fulfill your assignment. 


Maybe you know exactly what your purpose is, maybe you've been running from it for a while, or maybe you have absolutely no idea where to even start looking for it...


But I want to help you find it.


Because I believe that the ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who actually do...

- Pastor Jeremy


⛪😊 Jesus Can Give You a New Life (Inspiring Testimonies)

Jesus Can Give You New Life! (Inspiring Testimonies plus Historical Facts Why We Can Trust the Bible) Are you looking for a fresh start? A new direction/purpose? Are you tired of the way things are and you need a breath of fresh air? Jesus came to earth to give people a fresh start. He came to give New Life. Watch this video to learn how Jesus can give you a new life.

👪💪 How to Train Your Kids for Adulthood

How to Train Your Kids for Adulthood (Parenting Part 2 of 4) ***Come to Impact on Mother's Day for Part 3 of This Series! • Are you looking at your kids saying, “If they had to go into adulthood right now, I don’t think they would survive?” • Are your kids slowly but surely becoming more independent, learning how to do things for themselves? • What new skills do they have this year that they didn’t have last year? Was that intentional on your part, or accidental? • It’s time to get intentional as we lead our kids. Watch this video as Jeremy gives super practical parenting principles that you can start applying to your lives Right Now! Pulling truths from the Bible and making them easy to understand and easy to put into practice is what we are all about at Impact! We want to help you in your life! And we know parenting is tough!

😰🤷‍♀️ When Tragedy Strikes How Do You Handle It?

Do you ever feel like something or someone is attacking you, actively trying to discourage you? Maybe one thing after another is falling apart, breaking down on you, relationships tension keeps happening... and it seems like it's part of an overall strategy to get you off track? Followers of Jesus follow the Bible, which teaches that God has an enemy, the devil, that is working against believers. Watch this video as we learn together about the strategies that the devil uses and the counterattacks that we can use as believers. Stay strong! We can learn how to defeat the devil and not fall for his schemes.

kids classes

Your kids are going to love it here...

Our Kids Church Has:


  Fun Services

  Age-Appropriate Bible Lessons


  Free Candy/Treasure Chest Item


Where was that when we were kids, haha!


Just click on the button below to Plan Your Visit and we'll set everything up...

We Do Things A Little Different...

   no awkward first visit

   no confusing church language

  no judgmental people

   your kids will beg you to come back!


Impact Church is different.

Will you come hang out with us This Sunday?


Need Directions?

   Click the address below for a Google Map

Impact Church Reynoldsburg | 142 Rolen Road | Reynoldsburg, Ohio

- Pastor John