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Non Denominational Church serving Reynoldsburg, Ohio, Pickerington, Gahanna and the surrounding areas


Welcome to
Impact Church Reynoldsburg!

SEARCH for the Lost
DEVELOP Disciples
​SERVE with Love


Impact is a non-denominational, independent Christian Church.

We don’t care about your background, your hair, tattoos/piercings, the divorce in your past, or anything else. If you are searching for God and want to learn more about following Him, you are welcome here.

Impact Church has a vision to make in IMPACT on our community! We want to make a difference in Reynoldsburg, OH, Pickerington, Gahanna and eventually all of Columbus!


Impact meets at the Fraternal Order of Eagles Banquet Hall
1623 Brice Rd.
Reynoldsburg, OH 43068

When you are facing the building, use the entrance on the Left Side of the Building.
You will see a flag with our logo near the door.
Do not use the main entrance to the Eagles.

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What to Expect:

As you walk in, you will be warmly greeted and handed a program.

We will have hot coffee and snacks put out for you to enjoy!

After getting some snacks, you will be invited to join us in our singing portion of the service, our weekly communion service (all are welcome to partake with us), and an encouraging message from the Bible.

We like to create an atmosphere of celebration in our worship. You may see some people singing, some people clapping, some lifting their hands in worship to God, and we might even break into applause from time to time.

Practical teaching will be given by Jeremy Harper using the Bible, humor, and stories, and we always make sure that the message relates to your life.

*If you are new to this Christianity thing, and you don't know much about the Bible, don't worry! We don't use a lot of "churchy" words and we break things down so that everyone can understand.

You will be asked along with everyone else to fill out a connect card.

The Connect Card is filled out by everyone (members and visitors) and lets us know who was with us that morning.

The back of the Connect Card is very important, as it has "Next Steps."

Next Steps are your way of applying the message and taking action.

We will take up an offering at the end of the service.


As a visitor, you will never be pointed out or have to stand up and introduce yourself.

Visitors are not expected to give during the offering time, but you are welcome to do so if you want.


About Kids...

For the first part of the worship service, the kids will stay in the worship service with the adults, and then they will be dismissed for a Bible-based lesson that is taught on their level.

Safety is very important to us, as all of our kids workers have gone through background checks. With kids checked in and coffee in hand, you are ready for our worship service!

We have kids from Reynoldsburg, Pickerington, Canal Winchester, and the surrounding areas.

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What Type of Church Are We? (Frequently Asked Questions)

QUESTION: Are you a political church?
ANSWER: No.  We don't ever get into politics.  We don't talk about politics in our messages.  We don't get behind any certain candidate.
Why?  We exist to tell people about Jesus, and we don't want ANYTHING to be a barrier to people hearing about Jesus.  Politics divide.  We don't want politics to be a distraction from the main thing we are gathered together for, which is to focus on Jesus and the good news of salvation.

QUESTION: What do you mean when you say you are a non-denominational church?
ANSWER: When we say we are non-denominational, that means we do not have a denominational headquarters that overseers all of our churches.  Instead, we practice a model of pastors/elders from within our church that oversee the members.  We do have what some might call an "association" with other churches, and that is with fellow Christian Churches in the area.  Jeremy is in a pastor's roundtable with other pastors from the Christian Churches.  We will occasionally have workshops and conferences with other Christian Churches.  But as far as how we are governed, each church is governed individually.

QUESTION: What flavor of non-denominational church are you?
ANSWER: Some churches are actually Baptist churches that have simply dropped the "Baptist" from their name.  Other churches might be charismatic or Pentecostal and have dropped the "Pentecostal" or "Assembly of God" from their name.
Our churches (the Christian Churches) have always been non denominational since the early 1800's.  This is based on our understanding of Scripture that each individual church was self-governing - that is, they had a group of pastors/elders that led the flock.  Our churches did not see any examples of denominational headquarters, so we do not use that model.  (We wouldn't say a church is wrong for having a denominational structure, we just don't use that structure ourselves.)

QUESTION: Are you a charismatic church (do you speak in tongues, prophecy, etc.)?
ANSWER: No, we are not a pentecostal or charismatic church.  This does not mean that we deny that God works miraculously or supernaturally anymore.  We have heard modern-day stories of God doing miracles where He allowed a girl who had never spoken Spanish before to speak Spanish to a group of girls to invite them to a revival.  We would say that is a modern-day example of Biblical speaking in tongues.  We acknowledge that God can still work in those ways if he wants to.
 While we do believe in the Holy Spirit and welcome the Spirit's presence in our church, we are probably not what you are looking for when you ask if we are a "spirit-filled church." 

A couple of things that make us distinctive:
- we take communion together every week.  This is based off of Scriptures such as Acts 20:7 where they met together on the first day of every week in order to break bread (take communion together), as well as lots of historical evidence that this was the practice of the early church.  We really enjoy our time of communion, as we fellowship with God and we take time to talk to each other!
- we have a heavy emphasis on baptism.  In our tradition, we believe strongly that every Christian needs to be baptized, and this needs to be done as a person who is old enough to believe for themselves.  Every person who became a Christian in the book of Acts first believed the message of Jesus, then they made the decision to be baptized.
This means that we do not baptize infants.  Instead, we hold to the "age of accountability" concept where a child becomes old enough to realize he has sinned against God and needs forgiveness.  The age of the child could be different for everybody.
Also, in the book of Acts, every person who became a Christian was baptized THAT DAY.  Nobody in the Bible waited until months or years later to be baptized.  In fact, we do "baptisms on demand!"  While some groups believe that it doesn't matter if a person is never baptized, we would strongly disagree with that statement.  There are simply too many Scriptures where people are commanded to be baptized (Matt. 28:18-20; Mark 16:16; Acts 2:38;), were assumed to have already been baptized (Romans 6:1-4; Galatians 3:26; Col. 2:12; many others), and examples of baptisms in the book of Acts give us great confidence that baptism is extremely important to the Christian faith and is something every believer needs to do.

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Life Groups

We work hard to make our Life Groups a place where you connect with other people and learn Bible principles that you can apply to your life.

Currently, our Life Groups meet on Sunday nights at 7 pm.

We meet in homes, because we believe relationships grow better in a home environment.

Currently, we meet in homes in Reynoldsburg Ohio and Columbus with a goal to expand in all major cities such as Pickerington.

We also believe it is so important to "Do Life Together," and Life Groups help us accomplish that.

Come "Do Life Together" with us in Reynoldsburg!

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For more information about our Life Groups, Discipleship Groups, Bible Study, Big Serve Events, Kids Programs, please call 614-593-9070 and speak to our Administrative Pastor, Rick Harper. He will be glad to answer any questions you have!

Or, feel free to email us at impactchurch365@gmail.com.

Please continue looking around our web site and clicking on the different pages.


To find out more, feel free to give us a call @ 614-593-9070

Visit our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/ImpactTheBurg/

Or even better - join us this Sunday at 10:15 a.m.! 


At Impact, we work really hard to provide:
Worship services that are engaging,
Life Groups that are connecting and helpful,
Discipleship Groups that grow you deeper help you develop good habits and get rid of bad ones,
Kids Programs that combine fun and learning, and
Serving Events that are fulfilling.


Celebratory Worship

At Impact Church, our goal during the singing service is to have faster, upbeat songs that bring an atmosphere of JOY and CELEBRATION. We love these faster songs that you can clap to and move to!

When you come to impact, we know that many have had a difficult week of frustrations with work, family, etc.

We want you to be able to come in and experience the joy of the Lord and forget about those difficulties!

We believe worship should be a time where we CELEBRATE what God has done for us - saving us from our sins, providing for our needs, and giving us fulfillment and purpose in life!

We also want our slower worship songs to be a time when you experience the presence of God.


Relevant, Applicable Messages

At Impact Church, we work really hard to bring messages that you can apply to your life in Reynoldsburg, Ohio.

This is not your grandparents' church! Remember the days when the preacher droned on and on, nothing really made sense, and he gave you nothing to apply to your life? Not at Impact.

Jeremy works really hard to make sure his messages are interesting by using humor and stories, and every week he gives people a list of practical steps they can take to apply the message to their life.


Kids Groups that combine fun and learning

Our goal is for kids to learn about Jesus and the Bible and have fun at the same time.

Our Children's Director, Andrea Harper, does a great job of finding children's curriculum that engages Reynoldsburg kids on their level!

We provide a safe environment.

All of our kids workers go through an official training to make sure they know what to do and what not to do while caring for our kids.