Jeremy Harper

Lead Pastor

Jeremy was miraculously freed from drug addiction since 2003. He grew up in the Christian Church, but then he strayed, and God brought him back. He knows first hand what it is like to live in brokenness, and he has a great passion for helping others leave their life of brokenness and truly follow Jesus.

Jeremy and Andrea have been in full-time ministry for 13 years. Jeremy has pastored 3 different nondenominational churches.

As a couple, genuinely loving others is who they are! This includes the body of Christ, visitors, their Reynoldsburg neighbors, and others they meet as they go about their day. 

Jeremy is heavily involved in the community, and holds membership in the:

Reynoldsburg Lions Club

Reynoldsburg Community Association

Boy Scout Troop 279 (adult leader)

Reynoldsburg Chamber of Commerce

Impact Church Reynoldsburg casual atmosphere

Rick Harper

Administrative Pastor

Rick and Elizabeth have served in Christian Churches and in various ministries through the years from Senior Pastor, Evangelist, Elder, and now Administrative Pastor. Rick has two Master’s Degrees - one in Church Growth and another in Christian Ministries. While Rick & Elizabeth were content with their established life and nondenominational church home in Grand Rapids, MI, God gave called them to come and help Jeremy & Andrea with their Ministry in Columbus, Ohio. They continue to be a HUGE asset to Impact Church Reynoldsburg in numerous ways!!!

Phil Achhamer

Worship Leader

Phil Achhammer has a passion for serving the Lord, leading others in worship, and helping others in need.

Phil has served in a variety of ministries, including the lead pastor role, leading worship, and heading up outreach events to the homeless and apartment communities through the City of Love ministry.

With specialty experience in sound systems, multiple instruments, and leadership skills, Phil is looking to add new layers to our worship experience and lead people into the presence of the Lord.

He also wants to combine his outreach experience with the community outreach that Impact Church does to make an even Bigger Impact on the community!

We can't wait to see what the Lord does with this new addition to our team!

Andrea Harper

Children's Ministry Director

Andrea is our Children's Ministry Director. Not only has she been involved in kids ministry for 14 years, but she also has homeschooled her three kids throughout their schooling, so finding great curriculum for fun and effective learning is in her wheelhouse.  Andrea has the belief that kids are the "church of the now," not the church of the future.  She believes that kids can be effective starting right now when it comes to serving God and letting their light shine for others to see their faith!

Kelly Mynes

Executive Assistant

Kelly joined the Impact team in 2023.  She loves her husband and kids and does anything to support her family.
She is passionate about tackling projects, making graphics, and posting to social media!



  1. The Vision for Impact actually began in 2014, when God began opening Jeremy and Andrea's eyes to doing church a different way.  Through a series of conferences and experiences over the next few years, they grew a new passion for reaching those who don't yet go to church, and realized the need for a new approach in order to do that.
  2. In November of 2019, about 30 people started having worship services in Reynoldsburg.  We have been building relationships, serving in the community, and establishing ourselves as a church that cares for the city of Reynoldsburg.
  3. In March 2022, we moved into a New Location!
Impact Church Reynoldsburg staff pastor


community event reynoldsburg

Giving out Basic Needs Items for Veterans 06-25-2022

Together we are a community of believers. What does that mean, the word community? We believe that together in fellowship we grow closer to God and one another. The Bible speaks about iron sharpening iron. We believe that together we grow stronger. We are a community of believers. 

We strive to be a church without walls. Jesus calls for us to go outside the walls to reach the lost and the broken. It is there that the lost will be found. Most churches find it is comfortable to stay within the walls, but we make it an effort to be like the church from the book of Acts, to see our city changed.

We highly value our relationships with one another. We look to grow through fellowship, and ultimately growing closer to God. We value the word of God, and the leadership of the Holy Spirit. We look to extend grace to all of the lost and broken, and lead those with no hope to the hope of Jesus Christ.



"Getting People Engaged as World Changers in God's Mission"

We are a non denominational church in Reynoldsburg, a suburb of Columbus, Ohio.


In 5 years, we want to be in a place where:
- the mayor of Reynoldsburg, the principals of Reynoldsburg schools, and other community leaders know they can come to us for assistance.  The people of the community know who Impact Church Reynoldsburg is, and they know without a doubt that we care about the people because we have demonstrated it over and over again through service.

- each leader of their area has developed 5 more people to do what they do.  Then, we can start a new church and give away 1 leader from each area and still have plenty of leaders to carry on.
- our members are growing spiritually and starting new discipleship groups.  In 5 years, we want to see 50 new D Groups (Discipleship Groups) started.  Members have learned how to interpret (read and understand) the Bible for themselves properly, can pray for themselves and pray with others, and know how to share their testimony at any given time.

- our members are actively sharing their faith and leading others to Jesus.  Baptisms are happening on a weekly basis, and the church members who led their friends to Christ are doing the baptizing.  Collectively, our members have used their creativity and developed many new ways to share the good news of Jesus.


SHARING Faith - we will do anything short of sin to reach people and share Jesus with them.  Followers of Jesus SHARE THEIR FAITH.

SPARKING Potential - we want to empower and equip you to do things for yourself, such as how to read the Bible, how to pray, how to share your testimony and lead others to Jesus.  Followers of Jesus are EMPOWERED.
SHAPING Leaders - we make disciples that make disciples and start churches that start churches.  Followers of Jesus DUPLICATE THEMSELVES.

SERVING Community - we want to get you plugged into opportunities where you can Discover your Gifts and make an Impact on Your Community of Reynoldsburg and beyond. Followers of Jesus SERVE WITH LOVE.


We are currently meeting at the Rolen Road Church of Christ.


Watch this video to see one of the reasons why we started Impact Church Reynoldsburg, and why we try so hard to create a "Come as You Are" culture

Getting People Engaged as World Changers in God's Mission