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What kind of church is Impact Church Reynoldsburg?
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We are currently meeting at the Rolen Road Church of Christ.


Watch this video to see one of the reasons why we started Impact Church Reynoldsburg, and why we try so hard to create a "Come as You Are" culture



Our Beliefs
“Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the Living God.” That statement sums up our beliefs succinctly.
We believe that Jesus is the Christ, and this belief shapes every aspect of our ministry, from top
to bottom. It is who we are, the foundation of our church.
The following offers a more detailed explanation of our beliefs (complete with Scripture
references), but if you have a specific question, or you wish to discuss your faith, please contact
614-400-3597 or email at

We believe in the one true God, existing in three persons: God the Father, God the Son (Jesus
Christ), and God the Holy Spirit. (Genesis 1:2; Matthew 5:16, 6:6-9; Luke 3:21-22; John 1:1-4;
14:9-11, 14:16-20, 2 Peter 1:20-21)


Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ is eternally equal with God, and is God. He became a man through a miraculous
virgin birth. He was fully human and fully divine.
He lived a perfect life, committing no sin. He voluntarily died on the cross so that His death
could be used as payment for our sins. Through the power of God, Jesus rose from the dead after
three days. Jesus will return to this earth at God’s appointed time to judge all of mankind.
(Matthew 1:18; Luke 1:26-38; John 1:14; Romans 5:15-17; Colossians 2:9; 1 John 1:1-3)


The Holy Spirit
We believe in the Holy Spirit: Who convicts of sin; Who indwells every Christian; Who helps us
in our weakness and intercedes for us in prayer; and Who empowers us to a fruitful Christian
life. John 16:8; I Corinthians 3:16; 6:19; II timothy 1:14; Romans 8:26; Galatians 5:22-23


The Bible
We believe the Bible is God’s inspired word. We believe God inspired the autographs (original
writings) of the Scripture and those autographs were without error. The Bible is the final
authority on what is believed, taught, and practiced by this church. There are no others writings
thus inspired by God. (Acts 1:16; 1 Corinthians 2:12-13; 2 Timothy 3:14-16; 2 Peter 1:20-21)


We believe that man was created in the image of God to have fellowship with, and glorify, God.
Man, however, willfully sinned against God and is consequently lost. Salvation – the
forgiveness of sins – is only available through the person and shed blood of Jesus Christ.
Salvation is the free gift of God’s grace and cannot be earned in any way. We receive God’s
grace by putting faith in Jesus as the Son of God, repenting of our sin, confessing our faith in
Jesus as the Son of God, and being baptized (immersed) into Christ. (Genesis 1:26-27; Mark
16:16; Acts 2:38, 22:16; Romans 5:9, 6:1-11; Acts 8:26-40, esp. v. 37 – confession of faith;
Ephesians 2:8-9; 1 Peter 1:18-19; 2 Peter 3:8-9; 1 John 1:7)




What type of church are you? Evangelical, Protestant, Catholic?
What is your church's view on the Bible - do we change beliefs according to the times?
Does your church speak in tongues? Are you a charismatic church?
How often do you take communion and can visitors partake in communion?
What does it mean that you are non denominational?
Does your church get involved in the community?
I have a rough past... will I be welcome here?
I haven't been to church in a long time... will I be overwhelmed??
What style of music does your church play?
What kind of church are you?
Are you affiliated with Impact City Church in Pataskala?
What is your church affiliation?


SERVING Community - we want to get you plugged into opportunities where you can Discover your Gifts and make an Impact on Your Community of Reynoldsburg and beyond. Followers of Jesus SERVE WITH LOVE.


SPARKING Potential - we want to empower and equip you to do things for yourself, such as how to read the Bible, how to pray, how to share your testimony and lead others to Jesus.  Followers of Jesus are EMPOWERED.

SHAPING Leaders - we make disciples that make disciples and start churches that start churches.  Followers of Jesus DUPLICATE THEMSELVES.


SHARING Faith - we will do anything short of sin to reach people and share Jesus with them.  Followers of Jesus SHARE THEIR FAITH.

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